About Build Business Online Ltd.

Hi, my name is Stephen McTaggart and I formed Build Business Online Ltd. in 2013 to help businesses compete in the online world.

I built my first website in 1995 (even though I was convinced the internet wouldn’t last long!) and having been involved in internet marketing all these years I quickly realised that the single most important factor is getting the right kind of traffic, and lots of it.

Of course you also need to have a website and an offer that converts your visitors into customers, but having eyeballs looking at your site is the most important thing.

That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in, and Google Ads. My job is pretty clear. I need to identify where your lost revenue is and then get your website in front of the people who are already looking for your services or products.

When you call you’ll speak to me, the guy actually responsible for deciding what gets done, and that it is done to the highest standard.

Having your business show well online is crucial to your ongoing success. Please don’t cut corners when it comes to hiring an SEO consultant or Google Ads specialist. Trust me, cheap marketing work often comes at a very high price, either in your website getting stuck on Google or, even worse, penalised by Google; or your ads costing you a fortune and delivering poor results.

What you get from me is someone who actually cares about your results, someone who you can talk to in normal language and doesn’t hide behind geek-speak.

If you are only looking for a quick fix then I’m not your guy. However if you have patience, conduct your business to a high professional standard, and are interested in working with a professional SEO expert who is focused on bringing you a significant ROI then give me a call on 0131 381 0332.

Stephen McTaggart of Build Business Online Ltd

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